Printable Pumpkin Carving Patterns that Go Beyond Halloween: Entrepreneurs in the Making


Printable pumpkin carving patterns are all the rage for Halloween, but the hunt for free pumpkin stencils continues on until Thanksgiving. Find out how pumpkin carving patterns may actually prepare your child for becoming an entrepreneur.

Printable Pumpkin Carving Patterns Are Press Release Fodder

The average hobbyist undoubtedly starts with printable pumpkin carving patterns that are available online for free. Pumpkin stencils that are a bit more challenging have a small price tag attached. Of course, even if you print out pumpkin stencils, there is no guarantee that your pumpkin carving will be anything as beautiful and breathtaking as the photos that accompany the stencils.

So why would a Halloween, 2009 press release discuss the availability of printable pumpkin carving patterns and free pumpkin stencils? At first glance it appeared as though Press Zoom missed the boat on pumpkin carving. A closer look at the popularity of pumpkin carving patterns reveals that they are actually at the onset of a wave of popularity.

Pumpkin Carving Dresses Up the Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Fabulous Foods showcases a soup tureen made from a hollowed out and carved pumpkin. The site offers a free printable pumpkin carving pattern to make the tureen a reality for your dinner table as well. From pumpkin carving, it is only a hop, skip and a jump to carving watermelons and all types of gourds.

When Pumpkin Carving Patterns Turn a Hobbyist into a Businesswoman

The Gazette tells the story of Dori Davis-Beck, who found that pumpkin carving can translate into festive center pieces and handmade gifts for friends, family members and even business contacts. What started out as a hobby and booth at the Oktoberfest, soon turned into a lucrative business opportunity when strangers commissioned work and companies paid to see their logos memorialized – and lit up – in gourds. Her business, Custom Carved Creations, is still of the kitchen table variety, but the dream to have a shop is there.

Professional Pumpkin Carving Is a Business Niche for Aspiring Artists

Dori Davis-Beck is not the only artist, who sees pumpkin carving patterns as a means of artistic release and commerce. Patrick Moser is a professional pumpkin carver, who specializes in “Gumpkins.” He makes appearances with his artwork. David LaRochelle works as an author, illustrator and pumpkin carver. He specializes in school presentations. Steve Dahlke found his niche with huge pumpkin carvings (we’re talking 500 pounds) and works as a professional pumpkin carver and landscaper with an eye for the atypical design opportunities. All artists got the pumpkin carving bug as kids.

Perhaps supplying junior with printable pumpkin carving patterns and encouraging the use of free pumpkin stencils for watermelon carvings might be preparing her/him for a future career as a professional artist.