Australia Bank Internet: Top Online Banking Service in Australia

Australia Bank Internet: Top Online Banking Service in Australia

The leading Australia bank on the Internet is NetBank, which belongs to the Commonwealth Bank Group. It provides a 100% security guarantee to the customers. It means that the safety of your money with NetBank is 100% guaranteed. In the event of an online banking fraud which leads to unauthorized withdrawal of funds from your bank account, NetBank will cover the complete loss. The convenience and safety that NetBank offers makes it an unparalleled Internet Bank in Australia. It makes online banking easy and very accessible for the customers who can manage almost their entire everyday banking needs from the comfort of their own home or office.

Review your Australia Bank Account on the Internet

With a bank account in Australia with NetBank, you can review your latest account balance on the Internet. All the banking transactions that you may have conducted in the past two years, whether related to your savings accounts, personal loans, credit cards, home loans, transaction accounts and Mortgage Interest Saver accounts can be reviewed online with this Internet banking facility.

Set up Mobile Phone and Email Alerts

With an Internet bank account in Australia with NetBank you can monitor your account balances with alerts on your mobile phone and email address. You can also receive reminders and notifications for your credit card payments. If you have term deposits with the bank, you can receive deposit maturity reminders as well.

Pay your Bills with Internet Banking

The most extensive bill payment service in Internet Banking in Australia is offered by NetBank. You can use Internet banking to pay your bills to more than 14,000 organizations within Australia. The unique BPAY service allows you to view your bills and pay online. You can also view your past bills and schedule your future bill payments as required.

Online Funds Transfer with Australia Bank Internet

You can use your Internet bank account to move funds to interlinked Commonwealth bank accounts, including personal loans, home loans, credit card accounts and savings accounts. Transfers are also possible to a few unlinked Commonwealth bank accounts. This service also enables transfers to selected Australian financial institutions and also international transfers. Multiple transfers are also enabled from a single Internet page.

Value Added Online Services

Your NetBank Internet bank account in Australia allows you to enhance or reduce your payment limits on your own. These changes can be effected in real time under urgent conditions. For example, if you have to make a payment for an investment in stocks, you can do it immediately online by increasing your payment limit. The account allows you to order check books, stop personal checks, set up autopay to avoid late payment charges on your bills, change your cash withdrawal limits on your credit card, and opt for added online security through NetCode whenever you are shopping on the Internet.